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Started: April 19, 2007
Last update: Dec 04, 2007

Definition of colors and markings in summary tables:

k is 10^3 M is 10^6 G is 10^9 T is 10^12

Reserved Available

The Color of k indicates the different type of the number:
Low Weight k Riesel Number k 15k Candidate 2145k Candidate 2805k Candidate Primorial k*
* Primorial k: 13# means 2*3*5*7*11*13, that's the product of the first primes (abbrev. Pr(6)=first 6 primes)

Woodall primes are marked like this: 12345. (see overview here).
   (Note: 7911*2^15823-1 is also Woodall because it's the reduced form of 15822*2^15822-1 (only odd k)!!!)
Sophie-Germain-Primes: for one k, n and n+1 are prime, are marked like this 12345 (also called a Cunningham Chain of length 2 of first kind).
   (Note: three consecutive n like for k=3135 n=15,16,17 is called a Cunningham Chain of length 3 of first kind and so on...).
Twin-Primes: k*2^n-1 and k*2^n+1 are prime marked like this 12345 or if it is also Sophie-Germain like this 12345.
The 100th prime of one k is marked like this: 12345.
Numbers marked with 12345* got a comment for example see k=27291 (hold mouse over red star).
Nash-weight: standard for n=100001-110000.

Infos summarized out of these pages:

Primes for 1000 < k < 10000 upto n=10k calculated by Gary Barnes (see here)
Twins upto n=15k calculated by Gary Barnes (see here)

Forum Riesel Prime Search:
18020.11.2007lsoule Choose your own K and work on finding a top-5000 prime!
22427.11.2007Kosmaj Post small primes and tell us about your progress here
86929.11.2007lsoule POST LOTS OF PRIMES HERE
21718.11.2007jocelynl Low weight stats page.
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12426.11.2007lsoule The Third RPS Drive: low-weight Ks for megabit primes
03425.11.2007CedricVonck k=13236795
12122.11.2007SlashDude Help test 210885-Find a new top 5000 prime!
53908.05.2007SlashDude Help test 2995125705 - Find a new top 5000 prime!
45208.07.2007Kosmaj Don't Miss The First RPS Team Drive!
41602.03.2006TTn POST PRIMES you've found here, and name or prover code

The Riesel Problem by W.Keller: (07.07.2006)
The Riesel Sieve Project Stats (28.03.2007)
TOP 5000 status: every new entry checked/inlcuded

Update History:

05.12.2007Slightly changed menu structure, javascript for all pages imported from file
25.11.2007New menu structure and extra pages for all 5 RPS-drives
20.11.2007New Summary page with the even Riesel problem
13.11.2007inserted k's from even Riesel problem (see here and here)
28.10.2007new page with Riesel Problem with latest data
24.10.2007new page with first odd k with twin
Oct. 2007 many small primes filled, mostly for ranges 10^4, 10^5 and 10^8
15.10.2007Inserted all Riesel-numbers where first prime n>16384, 358 numbers all over
01.10.2007splitted k's in more files (for k<10k in 2k chunks, higher k's in 10^n chunks) so download-time is smaller
13.09.2007new page with Statistics about primes, twins and Cunningham Chains
Sept. 2007page with remaining k's filled with nash weights, colours for 15k and low weight k's; twins and Sophie Germain marked
31.08.2007784 twins for k<3009 marked
09.08.2007marked some Twin primes for k's (Data from G.Barnes) not all yet; new Woodall Prime; Stats: all k's: 6588 k's with 116381 primes!
07.08.2007k=8085 moved from remain-page to summary-page; included some riesel numbers with first prime from 200k to 250k (more to come)
25.07.2007more than 630 new primes included since 12.07.2007: actual for k>300 there are 6362 k's with 110641 primes listed!
22.07.2007new page with all contributors of RPS-Project with their prover codes and number of primes found
18.07.2007new page with overview of all known Woodall-Primes (see here)
15.07.2007included Primorials upto Pr(11) (next will follow) with their primes, Note: Primoproth has many false n, now ok in summary
12.07.2007all k<10k with n<10k from gd_barnes included from here (new page with remaining k's)
06.07.2007some errorfixes for k=1421,2683,7911,9225 and all Woodall-primes (thanks Gary Barnes)
28.06.2007all k's, primes and reservations from PrimeSearch inserted in 300<k<3010 page
25.06.2007filled new row with max n or range of search
19.06.2007filled new row for standard Nash-weight (thanks Thomas for his program and data)
14.06.2007special marks for Woodall/Sophie Germain/100th prime of one k included
01.06.2007all reserved k's with bookmark-links (not yet for k<3000)
31.05.2007checked all 725 primes from TOP 5000 RPS-Project (30.05.2007), small updates
27.05.2007included/checked 554 k's from Thomas Ritschel (mostly k<3000 and low-weight k's)
(not included 69 k's with one exponent for n=201024)
22.05.2007k<300 deleted (see Riesellist instead) and 300 < k < 3010 moved to own page
21.05.2007included 164 k's with 433 primes from Peter Benson (mostly 1003<k<1399)
19.05.2007checked all 1053 primes from Top5000 15k-Search
15.05.2007# primes filled for all k's (counted only listed n's) -> Statistics
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23.04.2007all data of post #1 Choose your own K and work on finding a top-5000 prime!
20.04.20072 pages of k-values and reservations from David Metcalfe(amphoria)
19.04.2007all posts of archived thread POST PRIMES you've found...


  • Statistics with counting primes in ranges like twins
  • list Primorials with primes
  • fill more low primes (k's with text like "(60 primes 0-10k)")
  • 15k Search, archived forum

  • all relevant k*2^n-1 primes from Top5000 in here, actual id 1 to 1700 and from 77300 (13.03.2006) to 83111 (29.11.2007)
    checked/included (n with link to Top5000) (not included primes for n=333333 from PrimeGrid)