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Started: Dec 04, 2007
Last update: Dec 06, 2007

The Riesel-Problem:

Definition and Data of the Riesel-Problem can be found here.(24.11.2007)

The even Riesel-Problem:

The page with an explenation and many informations can be found here.(06.12.2007)

First odd k with twin:

This is a table of first odd k's for which k*2n-1 and k*2n+1 are twins. It contains values for n < 1400.(27.11.2007)
(Will be continued)

Woodall Primes:

A Woodall prime is any prime of the form n*2^n-1.
Here are all known Woodall primes listed with some informations.(20.11.2007)

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