How to ...

Started: July 13, 2007
Last edit: May 14, 2007

Download NewPGen and LLR (see here).

- create a directory
- start NewPGen.exe
- if you got a presieved file from here:
- choose 'Continue sieving an old file' and fill the output file
else choose 'Create a new file and fill input and output file
- choose 'Type' -> k*b^n-1 with k fixed' and fill base, k, nmin and max
- check 'Verify results'
- check 'Options -> Use two save files'
- check 'Options -> Log the numbers removed'
- check 'Worker thread Prority -> normal'
- press 'Start'
- mostly run this for several hours

To decide if you sieve deep enough you have to run LLR.
If the sieve-time for one n is much higher you can use LLR till that time of NewPGen and sieve further.

- start LLR.exe
- choose 'Test -> Input Data' - fill in the Input File i.e. the Output File from NewPgen
- fill in the Output File say 'xxxprim.txt' where prime values stored
- press 'OK' and let LLR calculate...


For further information look the descriptions of those programs.