Riesel Prime Search

The "Riesel Prime Search" (RPS) project is searching for primes
k*2n-1, odd k > 1
which are sometimes called "Riesel primes" (k=1 yields Mersenne primes extensively searched by GIMPS).
RPS is one project on the Top-5000 site of largest primes.

We have three subprojects as follows.
(1) high-weight k's that can produce many primes in the given range of exponent n,
(2) low-weight k's that produce a very small number of primes [opposite to (1) above],
(3) small k < 300 (with exception of those k's already reserved by other projects).

Our page on Top-5000 lists all our contributors and all primes reported so far.

RPS was started in October 2005 by people who decided to leave the "15k" project and start a new one.

More details including instruction on how to get started can be found on our Forum at MersenneForum.

This is the first version of the page, more content including links to our "drives" will be added in the near future.

Thanks to everybody who have joined the search!
Special thanks to K. Bonath who created new web pages for the site.

(Last update: May 28, 2007)