Programs to need for sieving and testing primality

Started: Aug 9, 2007
Last update: Dec 04, 2007

You will need the following two programs to participate in our search.

NewPGen is a program to create a list of numbers to test and eliminate easy to factor pairs.
Download the latest version 2.82 here

LLR is the program we use to search for the primes! It takes the file from NewPGen and tests to see if the pair is prime.
Download the latest version 3.7.1c here

A new sieve program srsieve from Geoff Reynolds is faster in most cases than NewPGen.
You can download it here in different versions
srsieve is for several sequences k*bn+c. Latest Version 0.6.8 (02.12.2007)
sr1sieve is for one sequence k*bn+/-1. Latest Version 1.2.3 (02.12.2007)
sr2sieve is for several sequences k*2n+/-1. Latest Version 1.6.14 (02.12.2007)